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Donate Today to Spread the Gospel Across America & Globe!

Send Plays On Word out to Uplift, Edify, Ignite and INCREASE the Body of Christ.

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We're Fundraising to Impact a Change for Eternity...

Have you ever had the experience where you've read a scripture several times and then this one particular time, while in the Word, God shines a light on a passage awakening a revelation and application for your life?

Impacting People's Lives…that's what God wants to do for us every day. A complete and utter dependence on Him…moment to moment…drawing closer and closer to Him as we would recognize the familiar voice of a wise old confidant.

ILLuminating Scripture and Impacting Lives is Paramount to Our Life Calling at Plays On Word. We aren't trying to solve the problems of our audiences but strive to be the reminder that points to the One Who WILL stand with you throughout the joy and the pain… amidst the singing and the shame… and ultimate restoration. And He ALWAYS restores us somehow.

"I'll never look at scripture the same way again..."
"I'm encouraged to read the passages you covered..."
"The whole family is reading the Bible together now..."

...are just some of the comments that stand testimony to the impact a Plays On Word Visual Sermon has had on people's lives.

YOUR support helps us to purchase the RV needed. The RV will help us to share the Gospel more efficiently; Paul and Barnabas probably would have taken an RV if they were available. ;) Your financial partnership will also help... • Fuel Cross Country Tours • Create New Plays • Support the Audio Visual (AV) Needs of the Plays • Support Local Shows, and so much more. The ultimate goal allowing us to share the Gospel in a unique way... encouraging and strengthening the Body in MORE places... MORE often... FULL time day reaching millions for Christ.

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